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Move over Hugh! We feature the sexiest Beauty & Beasts to take to the open road as well as uncharted paths.  If it says Jeep, it's in our magazine.  We pride ourselves on featuring more builds than any other magazine.


Exciting trail reports from around the world.  From the most famous trails to those you will only know about from locals.  Readers share the best of the best hidden gems that you just can't afford to not try your luck on.


Upcoming releases from Jeep, new products hitting the market, Jeep clubs making a difference and events that JLM will be attending.  It's all in the pages of Jeeplife Magazine.  Your go to for all things Jeep!


Jenni answers the questions that new to advanced Jeep owners want to know about building an awesome rig.  Her years of expertise have Jeep owners coming back every month to see what topics, tip and tricks she shares next with our readers.


Living the Jeep life is a lot more fun when you can share it with friends.  After all, we are one big family here at JLM and you are a part of the family.  Getting to know each and everyone of our readers is not just something we say- we actually mean it!  We are listening!


Unbiased conversations with our readers in mind.  We share the pros and cons of new products hitting the market.  Are they worth adding to your build?  Stay tuned and find out, an educated Jeeper saves more time and money than those left in the dark.

Living the Jeep life is more than just a wave, it's a community of awesome individuals (who have great taste in vehicles) and it's our pleasure at Jeeplife Magazine to make sure that you and your builds get the recognition you deserve. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your builds.